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The average list price in West Newbury is up 13% over last year and the absorption rate of 4.7 indicates that it is still a seller’s market, but the market is beginning to normalize. New construction is driving up home supply, but the demand is up significantly for established neighborhoods. There are great opportunities for buyers and sellers alike in West Newbury.

For a no-obligation estimate of what your West Newbury home is worth, please click on Valuation Request above. If you’d like to learn more about living in our town or about property values, let’s talk! Leave your information below or call us any time!

Cindy & Steve Sauter


1. Check your Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home forms the first impression a prospective buyer will have. Stand in front of your house and view it as though you were the buyers.

Ask yourself the following questions…..

Is the yard mowed, weeded, trimmed, and watered?

Do the front door, trim and windows need painting or washing?

Is there a new welcome mat on the front porch?

Can I read the house number clearly?

Are the windows clean-inside and out?

Are there damaged windows or missing screens?

Are there extra vehicles in the driveway?

Are fences and gates in good condition?

Are the rain gutters, siding and roof in good condition?

2. Highlight the Kitchen 

Place a bowl of fresh fruit

Put seldom-used small appliances in cupboards

Inspect cabinets for scratches and grime

Clean counters completely – no knife blocks, baking supplies, mail, etc.

Leave a maximum of one small appliance on counters

Hide garbage cans in pantry or closet

Remove dishes from sink

Deodorize garbage disposal, dishwasher and trash cans

Fix leaky faucets and caulk

3. Exterior Photo Prep

Close garage doors

Remove cars from driveway

Landscape (mow, trim, shrubs, clear leaves, etc.)

Fill planters with fresh flowers

Remove visable water hoses

Stow away toys, balls, goals, etc.

Stage your front porch

Tidy tables, chairs, cushions

Remove trash cans

Turn on fountain / water feature

Remove toys, balls, goals, etc.

4. Make the Bathrooms Sparkle

Place soaps, bath oils and thick towels in bathrooms scrub and polish all sinks and tubs

Purchase new (neutral / white) shower curtains and rugs

Repair missing grout and tiles

Clear bathroom countertops completely: no soap, toothbrushes

Remove all medications from your home

Put toilet seats down

Remove shampoo, soap and loofahs from bathing area

Put out new unused towels

Remove floor mats

5. Create Neutral and Welcoming Living Areas

Create a clean, organized entry

Remove clutter such as stray newspapers and magazines

Clean all light fixtures and replace dull lightbulbs

Repair wall and ceiling cracks

Fresh paint

Scrub, wax, or seal floors

Make sure carpet is clean

6. Don’t forget the Garage

Your garage floor doesn’t have to be boring concrete. Punch it up by adding colorful grid-lock tile or a shiny concrete stain.

Keep toxic chemicals out of reach.

Paint/repair garage door(s)

Dust off or wash cars, lawn mowers and tools

And (of course) declutter!

7. Interior Photo Prep

  • Remove (don’t eliminate) family photos
  • Turn on all the lights
  • Use pops of color (flowers, fruit, pillows)
  • Set the scene (an open book on the chair)
  • Invest in new bedspreads, pillows, throws
  • Open all the shades and remove old draperies
  • Rearrange (or remove) furniture to give the illusion of more space
  • Walk through the entire home and look for obstacles to clear sight lines
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