The Secret to Selling to Millennials

They’re crawling out of their parents’ basements, they’re forming households and they’re looking to buy.  The return of first-time buyers is dispelling fears that millennials could shun home ownership permanently and the market is already heating up. There is a new buyer in town; make sure your real estate agent is ready to leverage an infusion of demand.

1. Technology is where it’s at. Millennials are the first “digital natives;” they have grown up as the most tech savvy generation in history. Marketing to millennials with interactive technology is no longer optional. It’s mandatory. When interviewing agents, ask about twilight photography, drone shots, video tours, video marketing and digital billboards. And yes, we have that.
2.Charity begins when we sell your home. Charitable giving and profitable business aren’t mutually exclusive.  Millennials show more generosity when it comes to charitable causes than previous generations did during the same period in their timeline.  Ask your real estate agent if a portion of commissions paid routinely goes to charity. We donate to Sweet Paws Rescue and to the Children’s Miracle Network every time we sell a home.
3.Honesty is the only policy.  Honest marketing campaigns are much more likely to resonate with Millennials than campaigns (and the agents who place those ads) who aim solely at self-gratification. Make sure you select an agent that has the REALTOR® credential; you will be choosing a professional who holds himself or herself to high ethical standards.

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