About Us

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Our mission is to consistently exceed expectations by providing services that are as forthright and forward-thinking as the buyers and sellers who put their faith in us. We pledge to act as true fiduciaries by demonstrating honesty, loyalty, integrity, understanding, and accountability.

In our experience, the biggest fear sellers and buyers have when choosing a real estate agent is whether they’re choosing the right one. … Will my agent put me first? … Will my agent think out-of-the-box if the market shifts? …  Can my agent get me the best price … and how will I know?  … Will my agent communicate regularly?

Why we are the right choice:

  • We pledge to put you first.
  • We are innovators and market disruptors at heart; we’d love to share our ideas with you!
  • We do the research, we create the buzz and we bring our negotiating expertise to bear to bring you the best price and the best terms.
  • We will collect and share the data that lets you know where the market has been, where is is going, and most importantly, where the sweet spot is in your price range.
  • We guarantee that we will be in touch weekly or we will credit you $100 at closing.

Sellers, you need a team of professionals that understand Greater Newburyport, have the expertise to market your home effectively, and are positioned to stay ahead of the pack. Our team of certified agents brings intelligence, extensive training in the residential process, and mastery of the digital marketing landscape to each deal. Most importantly, we will walk with you every step of the way so that you always have the market feedback and data necessary to dynamically position your house to sell.

Buyers, you need a partner in crime that walks with you as you navigate the obstacles, pitfalls and frustrations that inevitably come with the home buying process. After all, it is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. We also believe that home buying does not need to be “ruff” and we will stick close by asking questions, advocating for you, understanding your needs and communicating often.

​We are industry veterans and marketing disruptors that have learned to thrive in an ever- changing environment. We have a passion for building, staging and home design that was born out of remarkable career paths that have led us here. Our expertise includes advanced educational credentials, hands-on expertise as general contractors, operations and logistics leadership, C-level negotiation skills, and a lifetime of experience as involved citizens of a community that we love.

​Yes! We will lead you home! Team with us. Get to know us. We are bursting at the seams with ideas and strategies to share.🐾

Meet the Inspiration behind our Logo.  An affectionate and intelligent Lab, Molly became a central figure in our family from day one. We like to think that we have modeled our approach to business on the way she lived her life: with a friendly demeanor, keen intelligence and plenty of energy. She was also a superb search dog who would stop at nothing to track down whatever she set her mind to (Molly favored rocks at the bottom of the lake; we like houses!). Labs have long been the breed to beat, maintaining their place at the head of the pack through determination and loyalty to those they serve. One role has remained constant: once a lab becomes your friend, she is that friend for life. If  you are willing, we will be that friend long after your home journey is over.🐾

Leading you home