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Real Estate: It’s time to move on.

At The Sauter Group, we use a combination of tried and tested marketing promotions and leading edge social media savvy. We represent industry veterans and marketing disruptors that have learned to thrive in a changing environment.

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Some of the Forbes Real Estate Near-Term Predictions we are excited to embrace in 2019:

Luxury Correction

As the market continues to normalize after the wild ride of aspirational pricing, one expert sees a move away from expansive mcmansions to smaller homes with minimal carbon footprints and clever built-ins.

— We are very excited to be part of The Cottages team for Port Place (Newburyport) and Drakes Landing (West Newbury), a truly innovative answer to the demand for low maintenance lifestyles and the greater connections to community.

Technological Takeover

Albeit gradual and over-hyped the rise of new technologies will inevitably replace much of what the old guard of real estate once held sacred. This is not expected to eliminate the need for real estate service providers, but our jobs will look very different.

— This year, it is expected that every second, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the IP network. We are excited about the market advantage we have already realized through Facebook, Instagram, GoogleAds, Waze, and the like and energized by what the future holds for even more innovative video.

Evolution from Commodity to Experience 

For the past 100 years, real estate has mostly been a financial instrument, where a product is sold at a price per square foot. Moving forward, we must become the storytellers where the ultimate sale is won or lost on the experience.

— We love this one! We have always believed that selling what is potentially the largest investment of a client’s life should be handled with a true sense of the enormity of the responsibility.

Rising Rates and Rising Prices

As many markets across the nation continue their growth trends while the construction industry lags behind demand, prices will continue to rise while interest rates bump upward.

–Clearly, if you have been waiting in the wings for the exact right time to take the plunge, the time is (still) right. And we are standing by!

Increased Data Gathering and Usage

Business intelligence is driving decisions and defining the relationships as is the ease of accessing real-time data.

–Key metrics like absorption rates and days on market will dictate who wins and who comes up short in this new normal.

 The Virtual Reality Revolution

Virtual reality (VR) is seen as potentially the biggest trend in the real estate market over the next few years. Buyers will increasingly use VR technology to view homes without the hassle of attending an open house and sellers will be able to virtually stage their homes.

— This is a must. Enough said.

Time to move on!

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