7 Financial Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Visit a Model Home

1. How much space do I need followed by what can I afford to upgrade?
It is easy to get swept up in the many upgrades available to you in new construction. Bear in mind that although you can always upgrade elements like fixtures, flooring and lighting, you cannot upgrade your square footage or location. 
2. Am I upgrading or over-improving?
If you do get swept up in the process of choosing upgrades, ask yourself whether you want to be the most expensive house on the block. If you are buying your forever home, maybe you do.  If resale might be in your future, consider whether every bell and whistle will bring you a return on your investment.
3. Do I understand which upgrades are worth the upgrade price?
If you haven’t moved in a while, you might not have a good handle on the cost of tile, appliances, carpet and other upgrades. Do your homework before sitting down with the builder representative to make your selections.
4. Is the house that matches my price also match my nees?
If possible, ask to tour a completed home with the same or similar floor plan so that you can get a real feel for size and flow. Most people find it difficult to imagine their home based on a two-dimensional plan. If you are going buy based on the plan (there are advantages in pre-construction pricing), measure rooms in your existing home and compare what you have on paper.
5. Do I love this home or am I dazzled by the flashy kitchen and bath?
Builders create a model to sell upgrades. If you can’t or won’t pay for the upgrades in the model, think about how your home will function without the upgrades. Some of the most commonly upgraded features include: showers and tubs, kitchen appliances and countertops, flooring, lighting, paint colors and carpentry and closets.

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