15 Reasons You Might Be Decorating-Obsessed

A significant driving force behind my propensity for moving around a lot is my obsession with decorating. And by that, I mean I am OBSESSED with decorating. I used to teach interior design at a local college which helped feed the beast a bit. But I have always maintained my gold status with Joss & Main; and I am proud of it. I put together a brief (yup, I have more) list of the warning signs of the décor obsessed.

Are you part of the club?
1.You pull paint swatches at the hardware store when you have no painting projects on the horizon.
2.You buy pillow covers for every season, holiday and whimsey.
3.You obsess over whether the dog bed fits fully into your home décor.
4.You change out the dining room hutch dishware to fit the season.
5.And you do the same for linens and towels.
6.You would rather sit on the floor than buy a chair simply because it’s comfortable.
7.The kids’ bedrooms have matching sheets and duvets even though their rooms clearly look like a bomb went off 99% of the time.
8.You re-cover your dining room chairs to match the paint colors that you also re-select on a regular basis.
9.If the rug is dirty, it’s probably time to buy a new one anyway.
10.You consider your tufted leather couch a savvy investment.
11.Sometimes you set the dining room table when you haven’t invited guests.
12.When asked what you want for your birthday, you always respond “chandelier”.
13.If someone says velvet is in, the new chair gets delivered on Friday.
14.HGTV on the TV is considered white noise.
15.There is nothing more satisfying than re-arranging the bookshelves, or the centerpiece, or the pictures or the coffee table…

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